Saturday, October 12

Tahoe Tessie

At Lake Tahoe there is the legend of a large, mysterious creature that lurks in the cold blue waters. It has been dubbed "Tahoe Tessie". There are those who swear to have seen it - including law enforcement officials.  In the spirit of Tessie - I'd love to see this metal dragon railing in a lakefront lodge!
Dragon shaped aluminum railing

Friday, February 1

Football Cake Balls for Superbowl Sunday

We are having a little superbowl gathering and I am making dessert. I am a fan of the TV show "Cake Boss" so I thought I'd try something creative. Since Charm City Bakery is in Baltimore, this is a nod to the Baltimore Ravens, who are playing the San Francisco 49ers.

I learned how to make cake balls thanks to a wonderful YouTube video by the very sweet Zoe Miller. This video shows exactly what I did (with minor modifications noted below.)

I wanted to use ingredients that I had on hand. So instead of using colored candy chips like Zoe, I took out a bag of leftover holiday morsels and enlisted the kids to separate the different color chips.

We used green to simulate the turf and chocolate for the footballs.  (The red will be used for a Valentine's day project.)

I made the cake balls just like in the video using a simple mix and canned frosting. But instead of keeping the balls spherical I made them rather pointy on the ends so they looked like footballs.

While the cake footballs were chilling I melted the green morsels and spooned some into a candy tray, nestled the chilled cake footballs into the melted green and then chilled some more. While the cake footballs and green firmed up in the freezer, I melted the chocolate morsels and then dipped the chilled footballs into the melted chocolate. After the cake footballs were firm I piped on a little bit of white icing to make the football lacing.
Adding Icing to make laces on the cake football

Very easy and pretty dang cute. I am hoping they will be a hit at the party this Sunday!