Friday, June 15

Metal Work - Focus on Hunter Metal Forge & Iron Works Inc.

I grew up around metal shops. It's in my blood. My great grandfather, grandfather and father all worked in metal creating beautiful railings, towering skyscraper beams and everything in between. So when we remodeled our mountain home I knew I wanted metal elements. 
Our contractor introduced me to metal worker extraordinaire, Brian Spanier, who, along with his team, does an amazing job with metal. They are located at Lake Tahoe on the north shore in Tahoe Vista. Here is some of their work.

Doesn't this gorgeous, rustic fireplace screen look like it's been there for years? 

I just love how the smooth textures of this inset mantel contrast with the stone, don't you? 
(One could hang the Christmas stockings using neodymium magnets!)

Maybe your retreat has a contemporary style. This metal fireplace and metal "logs" look so striking.

The graceful curve of this beautiful staircase complements the wood stairs and the stone tile at the landing. Making straight metal into graceful curves is not easy!

The beefy metal and hand forging of this custom banding really accentuates the solidity of the wood post and beams. It almost looks as malleable as lead!

Lastly, here are some photos of the work they did for me. The fireplace is my own design. My crude sketch on paper was transformed into this!

Mantel by Hunter Metal - metal under hearth protects the wall from firewood that gets tossed underneath!

Detail of mantel by Hunter Metal 
Hunter Metal also made the fireplace tools!

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour today. To view more gorgeous work by Hunter Metal click here. (Disclosure: I have no affiliation nor did I receive any compensation for this post. I am just a very satisfied client!)

Do you have metalwork in your retreat? If so, please do share a photo or link. If not, maybe you want to contact Hunter Metal!

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