Thursday, May 31

Throw Pillows or Toss Pillows?

What do you call them? "Throw pillows", "toss pillows" or something else? I call them jewelry for a room. A cute or clever pillow just seems to finish a space, particularly a bedroom or a living room.
(Bear Skier Pillow source via Richard Rothstein)
Finding and combining complementary pillows in a room is fun. Pillows are inexpensive and can be quickly swapped out by season or just on a whim. In winter I have lots of pillows with snowflakes, snowmen, winter birds, and skiing made with rich textured fabrics and warm plaids. They look great around the holidays and throughout the season. (When our home was a short-term vacation rental this made decorating festive, nondenominational and didn't require removing decor at the end of December.) 

Pillows with themes like pine cones, bears, moose, fish, or cabins draw my eye.
(Decorative Pine Cone Hooked Pillow - Source: via Richard Rothstein)

Pillows with geometric patterns (think Kilim or Navajo rugs) often look terrific, particularly on leather furniture.
(Source: "Atlaylana 22 in. Black & Red Kilim Pillow" via Kathy Kuo Home)

I've always decorated on a budget. Some of my best budget pillow finds have been at stores like Marshalls, Ross, Target and Home Goods. (Particularly after the holidays - anything with a snow theme gets thrown on clearance - it's a great time to snap up decorative items.) 

(Alpine Bear Bedding Collection Source )
Have fun, particularly in the bedroom, (wink) with lots of pillows (throw, toss or otherwise)!
(Please note, as of the time of this post, I have no affiliation with any of the sources depicted; these are just some images that I liked and resources I wanted to share, such as the link below for needlepoint pillows.)
Looking for Needlepoint Pillows? Click Here: Needlepoint Lodge, Camp and Cabin Pillows

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