Thursday, May 31

Throw Pillows or Toss Pillows?

What do you call them? "Throw pillows", "toss pillows" or something else? I call them jewelry for a room. A cute or clever pillow just seems to finish a space, particularly a bedroom or a living room.
(Bear Skier Pillow source via Richard Rothstein)

Wednesday, May 30

Welcome to Rustic Lodge Style

I have always loved rustic style: log cabins, Adirondack camps, lake side cottages, mountain retreats, and even '50s cowboy kitsch. When I think of rustic style, I conjure images of wood, stone, leather, metal, pottery, honest fabrics (cotton, linen, wool) all chosen carefully with an eye to charm, whimsy and comfort done using a vintage sensibility.

Some of my earliest memories are of my grandparents' cottage in Wisconsin. It was a huge log cabin perched above a beautiful lake. The varnished wood had such a warm, cozy feeling and I loved being surrounded by trees, water and my beloved family.
As an adult it was my dream to have my own retreat and one day, in 1998, it came true! I have found, however, that furnishing it in rustic style has not always been easy. Budget, time and resources were (and continue to be) a challenge. 
My hope in creating this site is to post what I've found or created to help you outfit your own place of serenity. Do comment and share your own special spots!