Wednesday, November 14

Dishes and Dinnerware for a Rustic Lodge

I love dishes! If I had unlimited space I'd have several patterns and, ideally, mix and match them for fun. In a rustic cabin or lodge the style of dishes can be classic, whimsical, or casually collected.
These ski plates and pole bowls would be great at a mountain lodge in winter:

Eclectic Dinnerware design by Bedding And Bath Garnet Hill

I really like these Animal Print Dessert Plates (available from Target and part of the Patch NYC collection).

Target also has dessert bowls in the same animal print theme with a woodpecker, stag, fox and owl motifs.
Source: Target - Patch cereal bowls
Traditional dinnerware designs always seem to be appropriate in a rustic lodge. Here are some examples that I think are beautiful.
The Spode company has a "Woodland American Wildlife Collection" which includes elk and birds. Spode also makes the eternally classic blue and white "Willow ware".

A lot of people find pine cone and bear designs on their rustic lodge style dishes or dinnerware to be appealing.

Then again, one can always use paper plates!

Sunday, July 1

Wyoming Style Inspiration

Howdy from Wyoming!
I just had the great pleasure of visiting my parents and friends in Wyoming. I am so excited to share some pictures I took at my friend Bonnie's house. What a sense of rustic lodge style! I love the antler mirror and window treatment in the bath

 and the sweet little vignette of vintage grooming supplies on the window sill:
Wouldn't you just love to soak in this tub?
Have you got a collection of colorful cowboy boots? Try lining them up in a corner display or...
display them on shelves - particularly cute with vintage children's boots!

Or tuck a pair of cowboy boots in a corner with your favorite jugs and a skull - if you've got one handy...
What rustic lodge doesn't need a cozy window seat?
The room I envy most in Bonnie's house is her sewing room - complete with vintage storage for notions.
So organized - with thread and work tables

In another post, I'll show you some of the sheep wagons - but for now, I hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse into Bonnie's rustic lodge home on the range in Wyoming!

Friday, June 15

Metal Work - Focus on Hunter Metal Forge & Iron Works Inc.

I grew up around metal shops. It's in my blood. My great grandfather, grandfather and father all worked in metal creating beautiful railings, towering skyscraper beams and everything in between. So when we remodeled our mountain home I knew I wanted metal elements. 
Our contractor introduced me to metal worker extraordinaire, Brian Spanier, who, along with his team, does an amazing job with metal. They are located at Lake Tahoe on the north shore in Tahoe Vista. Here is some of their work.

Doesn't this gorgeous, rustic fireplace screen look like it's been there for years? 

I just love how the smooth textures of this inset mantel contrast with the stone, don't you? 
(One could hang the Christmas stockings using neodymium magnets!)

Maybe your retreat has a contemporary style. This metal fireplace and metal "logs" look so striking.

The graceful curve of this beautiful staircase complements the wood stairs and the stone tile at the landing. Making straight metal into graceful curves is not easy!

The beefy metal and hand forging of this custom banding really accentuates the solidity of the wood post and beams. It almost looks as malleable as lead!

Lastly, here are some photos of the work they did for me. The fireplace is my own design. My crude sketch on paper was transformed into this!

Mantel by Hunter Metal - metal under hearth protects the wall from firewood that gets tossed underneath!

Detail of mantel by Hunter Metal 
Hunter Metal also made the fireplace tools!

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour today. To view more gorgeous work by Hunter Metal click here. (Disclosure: I have no affiliation nor did I receive any compensation for this post. I am just a very satisfied client!)

Do you have metalwork in your retreat? If so, please do share a photo or link. If not, maybe you want to contact Hunter Metal!

Tuesday, June 12

Link - "Cabin Decor" on TLC

It's time to share a link!
Source/(c) Whispering Pines

I stumbled upon an interesting article, filled with photos, from "TLC" (The Learning Channel). It is called "Cabin Decor" by Janice Brewster. There are multiple pages with a detailed history of cabins, lodges, and their decor. You might find it interesting; it's fun to look at the photos that have been collected (visual person that I am.)

(Click Here to go to "Cabin Decor" on TLC.)


Thursday, June 7

Fire Places Make the Spaces!

I don't need to tell you that a fire place is a focal point in a room. In a rustic lodge, there has to be at least one fireplace. But you know that, too. Instead of my blathering on stating the obvious about fireplaces, let's look at some inspiring photos from around the web, shall we? (And at the end I'll give you a link to hundreds of fireplace designs, and the source for many of the photos in this post.)

Here is a bold statement - the stone and timbers are so massive that the furniture looks child-sized!
Source unknown
This one appears to be made from just a few massive stones.

Whereas these river rock or field stone fireplaces always seem to me to be a cross between a jigsaw puzzle and works of art. (I remember watching the mason who built the fireplace in my girlhood home spend many days arranging the stones on the floor until he was satisfied with the design before he even began construction.)

Fireplaces aren't often placed in a corner, and I had my doubts that a corner fireplace would work until I saw these examples:

It has always seemed to me to be the ultimate luxury 
to have a fireplace in the bedroom or a bathroom. 
Which would you prefer?
Source: Country Living

Source High Camp Home

These last fireplaces are by master stone artisan, Lew French. I love the driftwood mantel!

Amazingly, none of these stones are cut!

This video shows more of this incredible artist's work:

If you want to find an unbelievable resource for fireplace styles, click on  Fireplace Designs.
Have a photo, link or fireplace idea you'd like to share? Do comment.

Thursday, May 31

Throw Pillows or Toss Pillows?

What do you call them? "Throw pillows", "toss pillows" or something else? I call them jewelry for a room. A cute or clever pillow just seems to finish a space, particularly a bedroom or a living room.
(Bear Skier Pillow source via Richard Rothstein)

Wednesday, May 30

Welcome to Rustic Lodge Style

I have always loved rustic style: log cabins, Adirondack camps, lake side cottages, mountain retreats, and even '50s cowboy kitsch. When I think of rustic style, I conjure images of wood, stone, leather, metal, pottery, honest fabrics (cotton, linen, wool) all chosen carefully with an eye to charm, whimsy and comfort done using a vintage sensibility.

Some of my earliest memories are of my grandparents' cottage in Wisconsin. It was a huge log cabin perched above a beautiful lake. The varnished wood had such a warm, cozy feeling and I loved being surrounded by trees, water and my beloved family.
As an adult it was my dream to have my own retreat and one day, in 1998, it came true! I have found, however, that furnishing it in rustic style has not always been easy. Budget, time and resources were (and continue to be) a challenge. 
My hope in creating this site is to post what I've found or created to help you outfit your own place of serenity. Do comment and share your own special spots!